iCorners for iPhone 5/5S
iCorners for iPhone 5/5S iCorners for iPhone 5/5S iCorners for iPhone 5/5S iCorners for iPhone 5/5S
Product Code: iCorners for iPhone 5/5S
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Protect your iPhone® without hiding it in a bulky case. iCorners™ protect your device from drops and scratches while showcasing its sleek design.

iCorners™ allow access to all buttons and switches while keeping camera lens, headphone jack opening and speaker grills clear from interference. iCorners™ are made with Makrolon® polycarbonate because of its unique combinations of properties. It is virtually unbreakable, lightweight with glass-like transparency and is impact resistant. Impact modified Makrolon® is used in safety goggles, helmets, riot shields, holsters and other tactical gear.

iCorners™ compatible with Apple iPhone® 5/5S. iCorners™ provide protection for iPhone® screen and a housing and designed and manufactured with such precision that will stay on iPhone® body without the use of adhesive tape. Because iCorners™ do not need an adhesive to stay on iPhone® - they can be removed for screen cleaning and for whatever else reason and re-applied as many times as needed. Because they are made to fit your iPhone® snugly - no screen protector can be used.

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