About Us

iCorners™ were created to provide protection for the iPad® and iPhone® body and screen and not negatively impact design aesthetics by keeping most of the housing body exposed and only covering the very corners of the device with clear protective pieces.

iCorners™ are designed in such way that instead of using screen/body protecting accessory (tablet or phone case, for example) they would provide scratch/drop damage protection to the screen glass and a housing. In case of using Apple iPad® Smart Cover or substitute, iCorners™ would not interfere with its functioning but rather enhance the use of it by adding drop damage protection, housing scratch protection and will help with alignment of Smart Cover within the perimeter of the device when closed.

iCorners™ are made with Makrolon® polycarbonate because of its unique combinations of properties. It is virtually unbreakable, lightweight with glass-like transparency and is impact resistant. Impact modified Makrolon® is used in safety goggles, helmets, riot shields, holsters and other tactical gear. It has a high dimensional stability and is easily molded. iCorners™ for iPad® can be applied with 3M™ clear adhesive tape 300LSE for a heavy duty use. For easy application it comes on clear PET film for ease of alignment over corners of the housing. iCorners™ for iPad® are designed and manufactured with such precision that, for light use, will stay on iPad® body without the use of adhesive tape. iCorners™ for iPhone® designed to be used without any adhesive tape.

iCorners™ allow access to all buttons and switches while keeping camera lens, headphone jack opening and speaker grills clear from interference.

iCorners™ provide sufficient protection for iPad® and iPhone® screen and for minimalist use can be used without cover or screen protecting film. When used alone they provide perfect grip on slippery screen and smooth aluminum housing of iPad® and iPhone®.


iCorners is Patent Pending.

iCorners is a trademark of Simple Innovations LLC. 

Simple Innovations LLC is a Massachusetts-based, privately owned, US company dedicated to developing innovative solutions.

iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Smart Cover are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. 

Makrolon is a registered trademark of Bayer AG.